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Ian Lovatt FMCA

Accredited family and child inclusive mediator

After 35 years working in the advertising industry,

having joined part of Ogilvy as a trainee,

I decided on a career change and chose family mediation,

an environment in which I felt my well-developed people skills

could be put to good use.

The irony of choosing family mediation is not lost on me.

I have been married for 38 years to Alison, a local driving instructor, 

and I have two children in their 30s, both married.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking (well, eating!),

genealogy (my maternal line is traced back to the time of Henry VIII)

DiY, rugby, cinema and music.


My previous voluntary commitments have included being

Chairman of the local rugby club for 7 years and

taking over 4,000 photographs on Malta for the

War Graves Photographic Project.

Loves: Family

Likes: Listening, chocolate digestives, enabling, debating,

respecting opinions ~ and the freedom to express them,

Friday nights.

Dislikes: Intolerance, rudeness, flat tonic water,

getting 'it' wrong, whatever 'it' is.